Omaha Bodyguard & VIP Protection

Professional, discreet, and diligent security services for your VIP

Protective Security Advisor’s experienced staff is committed to providing the highest level of professional and confidential service to assure our clients are protected from any threats or situations. Our Omaha bodyguard services include both event-centered security for public appearances and 24/7 protection service for clients.

Our executive protection team members are carefully chosen from law enforcement, military, and specialists in private security trained by personal protection experts to confront challenges, mitigate risks, anticipate threats, de-escalate potentially harmful situations, and solve any problems that may arise discreetly and appropriately. We clarify each aspect of our clients’ needs and coordinate with local law enforcement, agents, managers, promoters, and venue officials eliminating any surprises.

We are repeatedly hired to protect:

  • Famous entertainers and celebrities
  • News correspondents
  • Athletes
  • Diplomats
  • Executives and corporate officers
  • Lawyers
  • Witnesses involved in court cases (and their families)
  • Dignitaries
  • Politicians

We will work with you to provide close personal protection and develop an executive security plan incorporating bodyguards, surveillance, advanced planning, and coordination with local authorities.

Your team may include a driver, a close-protection bodyguard who acts as an escort to the VIP, and a team handling threat management. Before security begins, we may conduct background investigations of people that may interact with the client and advance sweeps of areas into which the VIP is travelling. Each member of the professional VIP security team will be discreet, professional, diligent, and fully capable of handling unforeseen issues.

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