Loss prevention

Make your business more profitable by establishing loss prevention policies, procedures, and business practices

Retailers are impacted most substantially by these three categories of loss:

Employee Theft

This is the largest contributor to loss for most retailers, regardless of size or segment. This ranges from merchandise theft, register theft, or refund/void/discount thefts.

External Theft

Shoplifting, break-ins, robberies or other acts by outside sources contributes a substantial amount of loss annually to the retail industry.


These errors can include the inaccurate counting of merchandise to the improper discounting or accounting of a sale or tender. Simple mistakes caused over and over again have resulted in thousands of dollars lost to a single retail establishment.

Our loss prevention team will conduct an in-depth evaluation to identify the areas to focus on. These recommendations may include:

  • Pre-employment screening procedures
  • Improved hiring and training practices
  • Security camera installation
  • Written policies and guidelines
  • Operational audits
  • Changes in store layout
  • Robbery prevention & response

Our recommendations will help mitigate:

  • Shoplifting
  • Vendor theft
  • Professional thieves
  • Refund scams
  • Returned checks
  • Robbery
  • Black Friday “pickers”

Security Dash will help you identify priorities and recommend solutions that fit your specific issues.

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