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We help you reduce risk and proactively plan for safe outcomes

Security Dash has a long history of expertise in security, safety, and emergency planning. We have designed hundreds of security and emergency management programs to be prepared for threat scenarios.

We help our clients:

Plan for unforeseen disasters and emergency

Create policies to mitigate risk

Run simulations and drills

Prepare and train staff for emergency situations

We specialize in:

Active Shooter Planning

Emergency management

Loss prevention

Critical infrastructure Protection

PSA has extensive experience providing security training calibrated to each client’s needs, whether they’re brief, one-day introductory sessions, “refresher” programs, or multi-day curriculums.

Security Dash uses a strategic approach to assess your business. Our team will meet with you to understand your needs and then provide a comprehensive report that provides solutions to all identified risks and vulnerabilities. We focus on actions that eliminate or reduce risk to create a safer work and living environment. that will keep your organization safe and prosperous. You can count on PSA to be your strategic security partner.

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